Web portal development has never been easier

Apps Web Portal DevelopmentUsing Applications Platform, you can rapidly build and deploy feature rich web portals for authenticated and non-authenticated users. Web portal development is achieved using intuitive, point and click technology and can be created, deployed and modified with the simple click of a button.

Web portals transform the way employees, customers and suppliers interact with your organization. The intuitive, point and click interface is easy to follow for technical and non-technical users by clicking the New Portal button within Applications Platform’s easy-to-use wizard.
  Common web portals created using Applications Platform include:  
  • HR portal
  • Purchase order processing portal
  • Customer service portal
  • Supplier or trading partner portal
  • Communications portal
  • Product returns portal
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5 easy steps to building web portals

1. Outline requirements

2. Create portal

3. Define navigation

4. Apply styling

5. Start using portal

web portal step 1 web portal step 2 web portal step 3 web portal step 4 web portal step 5


Build Web Portals with the click of a button

The Web Portals capability enables the wizard-driven creation of authenticated or non-authenticated web portals.

Empower remote users
Share information easily
Eliminate back office administration
Create secure customer or supplier portals through a simple, easy-to-use wizard-driven process.   Provide open access portals to present application data in a secure and controlled method.   Enjoy the competitive gains of self-service and empower employees to deliver the information when required.


Build, deploy and manage portals via drag and drop tools

  Enterprise scalability
Peace of mind knowing that your portal can cope with any volume of users.
  Comprehensive security
Create authenticated and unauthenticated users at a click of a button.
  Multi device compatibility
Develop web portals that instantly work on any device.
  Lightning quick data access
Retrieve data sets from within portals no matter the size.