Rapidly build beautiful applications

Applications Platform Ground Up ApplicationsApplications Platform provides a proven cloud environment to build custom business applications, enabling you to radically reduce development time and resources, simplify delivery and deployment and accelerate time-to-market.

PaaS removes the limitations presented in off-the-shelf applications and safeguards against changes in business strategy. More importantly, PaaS provides scalability to increase or reduce application use to meet current requirements and budgets.
  Common types of applications our customers have built include:  
  • CRM applications
  • Communication platforms
  • Service management
  • HR solutions
  • Time management
  • Customer or supplier portals
  • Channel management/franchise
  • Expense management solutions
  • Data processing screens
  • Asset management solutions
  • Approval and compliance systems
  • Document management applications
  • Forums/collaboration environments
  • Educational solutions
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4 easy steps to building an application

1. Outline requirements

2. Define objects

3. Create extension

4. Integrate with BPA Platform

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Build Applications in days not months

Designed for small to large enterprises, the Ground Up Applications capability enables organizations to build and integrate applications, systems and web services through simple-to-use, drag and drop tools.

Experience the power
Utilize existing systems
Work anywhere
Create applications through point and click technology to reduce deployment times.   Upload a spreadsheet, XML file or any database to create an application in minutes not weeks.   Access data from any location at any time.


Build, deploy and manage applications via drag and drop tools

  Ease of use
Use pre-built applications or build a new application from the ground up.
  Fully flexible
Supports desktops, tablets and mobile devices.
  User management
Simple and effective management of users and their roles within any application.
  Strong integration
Connect your applications to multiple data sources.